National Security Platform

National Security: 
We stand with the recent Department of Defense position on allowing Transgender soldiers to serve openly, and receive the health care they rightfully deserve.
We are committed to preventing the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and to eventually ridding the planet of these catastrophic weapons. We believe America will be safer in a world with fewer weapons of mass destruction. 
Democrats want to reduce the number of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons around the world, as well as their means of delivery, while retaining a strong deterrent as long as others maintain nuclear strike capabilities. 
We will support a national commission on digital security and encryption to bring together technology and public safety communities to address the needs of law enforcement, protect the privacy of Americans, assess how innovation might point to new policy approaches, and advance our larger national security and global competitiveness interests.
Rebalance our national security portfolio to place more emphasis on nonmilitary tools such as diplomacy, and foreign aid; Support a foreign policy that promotes democratic reforms abroad and the promotion of human rights and the rule of law. 
Increase federal funding to states and communities for equipment, training and improving the capabilities of first-responders.