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Yes we did!

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Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that the health care program established by President Obama was constitutional. This ruling means that millions of Americans who are now without health insurance will be able to access that insurance, these millions of Americans will finally be able to get the care they need and deserve.

Romney, immediately after the ruling, stated that he would repeal this health care plan, of course he did not outline what, if anything, he would replace the plan with.

What does the new health care plan mean?  What, exactly, does the GOP and Romney want to take away from Americans? Here is what the plan does, and what the GOP wants to eliminate:

We are moving forward as a nation, while the Republicans in congress continue to fight this new health care law by voting yet again to repeal this legislation.  The GOP wants to bring us back to a time when insurance companies could deny someone coverage if they had a pre-existing condition, where there were caps on the amount that insurance would pay for your care, where insurance companies could raise your rates without warning or justification.

It boggles the mind to think that helping to make sure that all Americans receive health care is something that a political party would run against.

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