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Medicare: The Truth

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One of the lies currently being spewed by Romney/Ryan is that President Obama has cut $716 billion from Medicare.  Here is the truth in a chart which shows what President Obama has done versus what Romney/Ryan would do:



Don't be fooled by those who think you are a "low information voter."  Remember that almost every ad that Romney is airing has been deemed factually false by independent sources.  Romney is hoping that you are not paying attention to the facts, and he repeats his lies at will, seeking to confuse you and hoping that eventually you will believe his lies.

Our job is to make sure that Americans know the truth, because we KNOW that if Americans have the facts  President Obama will win in a landslide.

Take a moment and make sure to copy the chart above and send it to your friends and family members, post it on your blogs, your facebook page, take the time to help get the truth out to America.

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