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Truth be told.....

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So the far right is now claiming that the GM plant that Ryan cited in his speech did indeed "close" under President Obama in 2009, which has a bit of truth, but not much.

The complete truth can be found here:

While GM already planned to close the plan before 2010, the financial collapse that fall moved things up. On Dec. 23, 2008, the plant ceased SUV production, leaving over 1,000 employees out of a job. The Janesville Gazette devoted virtually their entire paper to covering its last dayand a slideshow they produced of its workers saying goodbye to the plant is as wrenching as it gets.

While the vast majority of workers were ousted that day, the plant retained a small number —57 employees — to finish outstanding orders on trucks for Isuzu before the plant shut down entirely. Conservative commentators have cited the smaller operation, which ended in April 2009, as evidence Obama did bear responsibility for its closure, but it was understood to be a temporary operation from the start. Local news coverage made this clear.

So the reality is that the plant closed its operation in 2008, while keeping a small, temporary operation in place until April of 2009.  Further GM had scheduled the plant closure early in 2008, when Obama was not even the Democratic nominee let alone president.  


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