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Battleground California

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Thanks to Rachel Sumi who has put together a list of critical races and issues for California voters.  

  • Dr. Ami Bera, a chief medical officer in Sacramento and Associate Dean at UC Davis, is a champion of progressive values and practical leadership, and he’s facing one of the most retrograde Republicans in Congress, Dan Lungren, who plotted to block President Obama on Day One and has supported the most right-wing policies, including ending Medicare.
  • From crop picker to astronaut, Jose Hernandez’s biography epitomizes the American Dream. With a focus on jobs, education and investment in the future, Hernandez seeks a practical approach to moving the country forward again. His opponent is Tea Party activist Jeff Denham, who threw himself a lavish party when elected, then voted against a payroll tax cut for working Americans.

Battleground California also includes two ballot initiatives that are critical to our future, Propositions 30 and 32.  The governor’s tax measure, Prop. 30, will ensure that our schools and universities are not hobbled by devastating budget cuts – it needs to pass. Proposition 32, a fake campaign reform bill that lets corporations run wild while putting a straightjacket on labor, would be a disaster – it needs to fail.

Make a difference by joining Battleground Californiawe need your help! Call or visit either of our volunteer headquarters today.


Local Ballot Measures

It can be confusing to sort through all the various initiatives when you enter that voting booth (or sit down with your mail ballot). We’ll make it easy for you -- the Santa Clara County Democratic Party recommends a YES vote on the following ballot measures:

Santa Clara County Measure A:  Measure A would raise Santa Clara County’s sales tax by 1/8th of a cent over 10 years, bringing in nearly $480 million to fund public safety, emergency room services, and programs for low-income children, creating much-needed jobs in the process.

Santa Clara Valley Water District Measure B:  Measure B renews local funding to ensure a safe, reliable water supply. In addition, it allows the SCVWD to bring in $360 million in federal and state matching funds to stimulate our local economy and create new jobs, expanding the current focus on protecting local creeks and waterways to funding additional water supply, pollution cleanup and earthquake safety improvements.

City of San Jose Measure D:  Measure D raises the minimum wage in San Jose from $8 to $10 an hour. The current rate simply does not provide a minimum ability to live in this high-cost area without relying on more expensive government services, and an increase is long overdue. See our blog post for more on Measure D.

City of San Jose Measure E:  San Jose cardrooms generate $100 million annually in economic activity and provide 1200 jobs. Measure E will increase cardroom taxes to $20 million annually, create 200 new jobs and help prevent more budget cuts while restoring some city services.

Morgan Hill Measure G:  Measure G is a school bond that would allow the Morgan Hill School District to improve outdated school facilities, invest in science and math programs and improve student access to computers and modern technology. 

San Jose Unified School District Measure H:  Measure H is a local school repair and improvement bond measure that will support programs to prepare students for jobs, careers and college by upgrading classrooms, science labs and technology.

East Side Union High School District Measure I: Bond Measure

Alum Rock Union School District Measure J: Bond Measure

Berryessa Union School District Measure K: Measure K is a renewal of BUSD's existing $79 parcel tax, passed by voters in 2008 (Measure W).  This parcel tax will ensure continued funding for Berryessa's excellent schools without any increase in taxes.

Mt. Pleasant School District Measure L: Bond Measure

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