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Letter-to-the Editor Showcase: CEQA

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Democrats make a difference when our voices are heard, and it's possible to reach thousands of people with a simple letter-to-the-editor. (Plus, it's always a thrill to see your name or the name of someone you know in print!)

This week, our own Marcene Van Dierendonck, Democratic activist and member of the Dean Club, had her letter published in the San Jose Mercury News on the critical topic of CEQA:

Environmental law should be protected

With climate change we face alterations of epic proportions. The melting ice caps and record-setting storms (as the East Coast can testify), and droughts are ample evidence that we need to do what we can to limit the effect of carbon burning. Now is not the time to weaken the California Environmental Quality Act when it is most needed not only to protect our beautiful California but also to protect our world and our neighbors. CEQA provides for an environmental impact report that takes into account local and regional concerns. For example, when we talk about the effects on our water and our air of a development that will contribute to urban sprawl, we need an impact report with a comprehensive scope. When we read (Page A1, Feb. 12) about local childhood asthma on dramatic rise, we see clean air is a vital right for a healthy life. Californians value clean air, clean water and nature's beauty. CEQA allows citizen input if public agencies fail to conduct an adequate environmental review. It has worked well for decades allowing tremendous growth but requiring responsible stewardship. Our Legislature needs to protect a law that Californians are proud to claim.

(Congratulations, Marcene!)

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