Democratic Televison

The Santa Clara County Democratic Party produces "Democratic TV," which airs on Public Access TV channels around the County.

Our most recent shows are available on our YouTube Channel. To see the descriptions of these shows, go to the index below. You can also download these shows older shows in formats for Windows Media Player or Real Player.

  • May 2016 Democratic Television - Sally Lieber

    Host Steve Preminger speaks with former state legislator Sally Lieber about her recent work helping Syrian refugees in Europe and her advocacy for better their better treatment.

  • April 2016 Democratic Television - Arcel Blume

    Host Steve Preminger speaks with Arcel Blume, PhD, Director of the Santa Clara County Office of Cultural Competency.

  • January 2016 Democratic Television - Pat Showalter

    Host Steve Preminger speaks with Mountain View Mayor Pat Showalter about her city, and her work thoughts on the upcoming "Clean and Healthy Bay" resolution which hopes to raise monies to further restore areas of the bay area and protect our area from future damages due to climate change.”

  • November 2015 DTV - Richard Loftus, Jr

    Host Steve Preminger speaks with Richard Loftus, Jr, a judge in California's Superior Court for the County of Santa Clara about his background, his efforts in the county's family court to reduce domestic violence, and the challenges faced in our community.

  • October 2015 Democratic Television - Lenny Siegel

    Host Steve Preminger talks with Mountain View Councilmember Lenny Siegel about his work on environmental hazards and cleanup, the housing and jobs balance crisis affecting the city and region, and other issues affecting the city.

  • July 2015 Democratic Television - Alex Wara

    Host Steve Preminger speaks with Alex Wara, Director of Clubs of the Santa Clara County Democratic Party.

  • June 2015 Democratic Television - Bob Wieckowksi

    Host Steve Preminger speaks with California State Senator Bob Wieckowksi, from the 25th Senate district, about his thoughts on public service and community and his prior accomplishments.

  • May 2015 Democratic Television - Lea King

    Host Steve Preminger speaks with Lea King, the executive director of the Silicon Valley Talent Partnership, about her past, what the partnership does in and for the community, and how people can get involved in helping on current and future project.