Democratic Televison

The Santa Clara County Democratic Party produces "Democratic TV," which airs on Public Access TV channels around the County.

Our most recent shows are available on our YouTube Channel. To see the descriptions of these shows, go to the index below. You can also download these shows older shows in formats for Windows Media Player or Real Player.

  • January 2014 Democratic Television - Esha Menon

    Steve Preminger speaks with Esha Menon, a researcher for Working Parnerships USA, a Santa Clara county organization which does both research into issues facing our community as well as advocacy based on this research to make things better.

  • December 2013 Democratic Television - Mary Kay Magistad

    Steve Preminger speaks with Mary Kay Magistad, former foreign correspondent for Public Radio International's 'The World' about her background, about how and why she became a foreign reporter, and the book she's writing.

  • October 2013 Democratic Television - Rich Gordon

    Steve Preminger talks with Assemblymember Rich Gordon, currently in his second term representing the 24th district, about the issues and concerns affecting California and the district.

  • September 2013 Democratic Television - Jim Griffith

    Host Steve Preminger speaks with Jim Griffith and Gustav Larsson, candidates for city council seats in Sunnyvale, about the race, their thoughts on community and involvement, and where they hope to be able to lead the city.

  • July 2013 Democratic Television - Maria Noel Fernandez

    Host Steve Preminger talks with Maria Noel Fernandez, the Associate Director of Organizing and Civic Engagement for Working Partnerships.

  • June 2013 Democratic Television - Rev. Jethroe Moore II

    Host Steve Preminger talks with Reverend Jethroe Moore II, President of the San Jose Silicon Valley NAACP about his past, what led him to community action, and the issues affecting NAACP members and the broader community.

  • April 2013 Democratic Television - Food, What?!

    Host Steve Preminger talks with Doron Cocerchero and Victoria Bernal, both from 'Food What?!', a youth empowerment and food justice program based in the Watsonville area about issues affecting young people today and what kinds of programs can benefit them and our communities.

  • February 2013 Democratic Television - Senator Jerry Hill

    Host Steve Preminger talks with California State Senator Jerry Hill, District 9, about the issues affecting Northern California, Senator Hill's route into politics and his vision for the future.

  • January 2013 Democratic Television - SV Young Democrats

    Host Steve Preminger talks with Joshua Barousee and Colleen Haley, of the Silicon Valley Young Democrats, about the organization, their journey into political activism, and their thoughts on our world today.

  • December 2012 Democratic Television - Ben Field

    Host Steve Preminger talks with Ben Field, the new Executive Officer of the Santa Clara Labor Council, about his family, history, involvement in politics, and his thoughts on the challenges facing labor in the bay area.