Democratic Televison

The Santa Clara County Democratic Party produces "Democratic TV," which airs on Public Access TV channels around the County.

Our most recent shows are available on our YouTube Channel. To see the descriptions of these shows, go to the index below. You can also download these shows older shows in formats for Windows Media Player or Real Player.

  • November 2012 Democratic Television - Senator Jim Beall

    Hope Cahan speaks with California State Senator Jim Beall about his route into elected office, his thoughts on the issues affecting California and the bay area, educational funding, and mental illness treatment.

  • October 2012 Democratic Television - Margaret Abe-Koga

    Steve Preminger speaks with Margaret Abe-Koga, Mountain View City Council member, about what led to her involvement in local politics, her family, and her musings on the value and joys being involved.

  • August 2012 Democratic Televison - Kathleen King

    Steve Preminger talks with Kathleen King, Executive Director of the Santa Clara Family Health Fund, about the health care issues and funding concerns facing the county, and how the Health Fund is trying to address them.

  • July 2012 Democratic Television - Ann Grabowski

    Steve Preminger talks with Ann Grabowski, Vice President of Policital Action for the Democratic Activists for Women Now, about the upcoming Special Exemptions Act (proposition #32), her education, and thoughts on other issues.

  • June 2012 Democratic Television - Christine Pelosi

    Host Steve Preminger talks with Christina Pelosi, author of "Campaign Boot Camp 2.0" and long time Democratic activist, about her thoughts on the current political situation, her family involvement in politics, and how she helps campaigns and candidates who want to serve and contribute to their communities.

  • May 2012 Democratic Television - Steve Chessin

    Host Steve Preminger talks with Steve Chessin, the original producer of Democratic TV and President of Californians for Electoral Reform, about why the show started, its future, politics, and how the way we elect our representatives could be improved.

  • April 2012 Democratic Television - Steve Kline

    Host Steve Preminger talks with Steve Kline, candidate for San Jose City Council in District 6, about his background, his thoughts on the state of the city, and his vision for the future.

  • March 2012 Democratic Television - Assemblymember Paul Fong

    Steve Preminger talks with Assembly Member Paul Fong about what motivated him to enter public service, his accomplishments as the representative for district 22, and the challenges he faces in running for re-election in a new district 28 seat.

  • February 2012 Democratic Television - Raise the Wage San Jose

    Guest host Stacey Hendler-Ross talks with San Jose Professor Scott Myers-Lipton and student Saul Gonzalez about the campaign to raise the minimum wage in San Jose to $10/hour.