Resolution Regarding Mental Illness Within Youth

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WHEREAS youth in Santa Clara County are increasingly susceptible to mental illness – almost 420,000 students don’t have a standardized quality platform to reach out for help with mental health needs; and

WHEREAS these students leave the education system as broken, discouraged members of society who then lead inefficient lives, in some cases take lives, and a direct correlation can be shown through social context and gun violence; 

and WHEREAS the Democratic party believes in creating unity and equal opportunities, especially with the current events at hand; and providing students with a platform to openly converse with faculty and peers will decrease loneliness and despair while breaking stigma, which will cater to the Democratic values;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee calls upon school districts in Santa Clara County to include in their curriculum an evidence-based mental health education program that emphasizes access to mental health care and helps redefine what mental illness is along with indicators of mental illness, and through this program will help students understand that their school takes care in their wellbeing, thus adding to the overall growth of the student even after leaving the education system; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee calls upon local school districts to incorporate the requested mental health instruction into their curriculum, which will be given by instructor during a small portion of the school year in a specific time and manner within the discretion of the school board, and that all schools be required to post the National Suicide Hotline at the Office and/or in classrooms.

Submitted by: Anusha Kondiparti, Reha Shah, and Shivam Singhal, Youth Delegates