Resolution to Repeal the Arbitrary Ratification Deadlines for the Equal Rights Amendment

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WHEREAS, the proposed Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) states that the rights guaranteed by the Constitution apply equally to all persons regardless of their sex; first submitted by Congress to the states for ratification on March 22, 1972, it failed to be ratified by its final deadline of June 30, 1982, although 37 states of the required 38 states have ratified the ERA; and

WHEREAS, ratification of the ERA can have a domino effect on other issue of gender inequality, such as the gender pay gap, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and violence against women; and

WHEREAS, the lack of explicit constitutional protection against gender discrimination adversely affects all women, but significantly youth and women of color: e.g., 1 in 5 college aged women are assaulted, high schoolers report high numbers of assault and sexual violence, with transgender students still at higher risk, and PreK-12 survivors, like other survivors, face issues with trauma and knowledge of rights and how it affects our timeliness of filing Office of Civil Rights (OCR) complaints within the given span of allotted time;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee affirms its support of ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, and commits itself to achieving ratification, including by targeting and helping the last state to ratify the ERA, supporting efforts in Congress and the States to advance toward ratification, including by hereby endorsing Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s House Joint Resolution 53 extending any deadline to achieve ratification, working to elect those supportive of the ERA in Congress and the States, and opposing any Supreme Court nominee not supportive of rescinding the deadline for ratification; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution will be sent to our local Representatives in the U.S. Congress, and to members of the State Senate and Assembly and to the National Organization for Women and other allies working to achieve ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that candidates seeking endorsement must disclose any history related to sexual harrsssment, sexual assault or domestic violence that should be a deciding factor in endorsement of a candidate & that they support the ERA and the express protections that it offers to establish gender parity.

Submitted by: Brisa Rojas and Krishna Bharwad, Youth Delegate(s)