Resolution to Support Equal Pay and Oppose Gender Pay Inequity

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WHEREAS, in the United States, women are approximately half of the workforce, but current statistic show that there is STILL a significant gap in earnings between men and women of the workforce in all 50 states, in virtually every occupations; research done in 2016 showed that full time and year round female employees earned only 80.5 cents for every dollar which men earned, therefore making a wage gap of 19.5%; and

WHEREAS, research shows that women of color are doubly disadvantage when it comes to pay equity, when comparing skill levels, experience, and education; white women earn approximately 79 cents to every $1 a man earns, African-American women earning 63 cents, Native American women earning 59 cents, and Hispanic women earning 54 cents, and women who have children are paid 7 to 14 percent less than women without children for equivalent work and are significantly less likely to be hired (and, if hired, are offered a lower salary) than identical male applicants with children;

and WHEREAS, multiple studies have proved that even after accounting for factors such as occupation, industry, hours worked, and education, a substantial pay gap remains, suggesting that gender bias is a factor in unequal pay;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Santa Clara County Democratic Party will ensure that the principle of gender equity, including pay equity, is reflected and advanced through the activities of the Party, including without limitation in the endorsement decisions of the Party and the expectations the Party has for those candidates who seek its endorsement; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Santa Clara County Democratic Party will engage actively in the Women’s Equality 2020 Leadership Council as well as the inaugural Women’s Caucus created by the Office of Supervisor Cindy Chavez and through its involvement will advocate that Santa Clara County adopt specific, enforceable, and verifiable measures to ensure pay equity among public and private employers in Santa Clara County.

Submitted by: Krishna Bharvad and Brisa Rojas, Youth Delegates