Resolution in Support of the Fair Pricing for Dialysis Act

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WHEREAS, kidney failure is a growing national health concern, and most patients who suffer from kidney failure must visit a dialysis clinic three days a week to have their blood emptied, cleaned, and returned in an exhausting three to four hour process that requires having a tube connected to a patient’s arm or neck leaving them susceptible to bloodstream infections;

and WHEREAS, the two largest dialysis corporations – DaVita and Fresenius – made combined profits of $3.9 billion from their dialysis operations in the United States in 2016, and dialysis corporations are driving up the cost of health care in California by charging several times more than the actual cost of providing patient care to maximize profits and spike executive salaries, and these inflated prices ultimately cost consumers and taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in higher health insurance premiums;

and WHEREAS, community groups, dialysis workers, other healthcare workers, and dialysis patients are part of a growing coalition to hold the dialysis industry accountable, prevent price gouging, and improve patient care for Californians who rely on dialysis treatment;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Santa Clara County Democratic Party supports the Fair Pricing for Dialysis Act, a ballot initiative in the process of qualifying for the November 2018 general election in California that would limit dialysis corporations’ revenue to 15 percent above the cost of providing patient care and require dialysis corporations that violate the initiative to refund the difference;

and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Santa Clara County Democratic Party will transmit passage of this resolution to the Democratic Party of California and urge the California Democratic Party to formally support the Fair Pricing for Dialysis Act.