Resolution on Youth Voice in the County Democratic Party

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WHEREAS persons under age 18 make up about 22 percent of Santa Clara County’s population (thus, about 420,000 youth live in Santa Clara County), yet this age group is completely unrepresented on the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee;

and WHEREAS youth have shown their powerful and important political voices at all levels, from local youth commissions and student councils to the national March for Our Lives movement;

and WHEREAS the Democratic Party is the “Party of Inclusion 2 ,” standing for all Americans regardless of background or identity;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Santa Clara County Democratic Party Central Committee is committed to addressing the needs and concerns of youth and increasing their voice within the Democratic Party through the creation of a position, with two alternates, reserved for a youth member, aged 16-18, on the Central Committee; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Central Committee will amend its bylaws to create a position for a Youth member, who will serve as a voting member of the Central Committee, and serve as a voice for the youth of Santa Clara County as their opinions and concerns relate to the business and goals of the Santa Clara County Democratic Party.


Submitted by: Clay Volino, Youth Delegate